Pop newcomer Folly Rae plays with dreamy highs and heavy lows on “Hard To Love”

From the forthcoming EP supported by BBC Introducing, the soloist’s track is a captivating mix of hypnotic bass, sharp trap beats, and bursts of brass that blend oddly but beautifully with Rae’s vocals.

Rae (real name Rachel Virtue) exhibits superb control over her voice, effortlessly transitioning between strong pop delivery in the choruses and sprinkling bewitching, celestial oohs throughout the rest of the song.

Rae elaborates on the song’s theme, describing it as being about the addiction to something that doesn’t reciprocate – akin to an unhealthy fixation where the only resolution is self-blame and uncovering flaws within oneself.

Our own fixation might just be on the irresistible essence of “Hard To Love”. This track is a fantastic fusion of pop elements that is bound to elevate the profile of this promising new talent.


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