Daniel Wilson announces new EP Sinner Of The Week, shares lead single “Wedding Daze”

In 2014, Wilson released remarkable electro-soul music, peaking with his groundbreaking EP “Boy Who Cried Thunder.” This project creatively blended electronica, pop, gospel, soul, and R&B. The track “Wedding Daze” further pushes boundaries with its edgy, bold sound – incorporating stuttering samples, laid-back beats, serene whistling, uplifting choirs, and dynamic vocals that effortlessly switch to falsetto. Although Wilson, a talented 24-year-old artist from Michigan, possesses an exceptional voice, he showcases versatility in his music. It’s a genuinely refreshing and brilliant piece.

Regarding the song, Wilson comments: “‘Wedding Daze’ captures the essence of awaiting a dream that remains elusive…”

Wilson’s EP “Sinner Of The Week” is now available through his label Zap Records, featuring collaborations with renowned producers like Matt Hales (Disclosure), Jimmy Harry (Madonna), and Jimmy Hogarth (Sia).

Experience “Wedding Daze” by listening below.


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