Ludvig Moon go small-scale epic on the soaring “Cult Baby”

Led by singer and guitarist Anders Magnor Killerud, the Oslo-based band issued an EP in 2014 through Trondheim’s Riot Factory label. Since then, they have been honing a sound that is set to peak on their upcoming debut album scheduled for release later this year.

The first track from the album, “Cult Baby,” epitomizes the creative liberty and thrill experienced during the recording process, as described by Killerud. He emphasized infusing the song with a sense of fun and upliftment musically, contrasting the personal and direct nature of the lyrics.

Accompanied by a video directed by former Team Me member Simen Skari, Ludvig Moon mirrors the wide-eyed, hopeful innocence of the aforementioned band. The track captivates listeners with its catchy hooks and a cascade of uplifting choruses, showcasing Killerud and fellow vocalist Lydia Popkema’s harmonious blend. It’s an infectious tune that’s bound to bring a smile to your face.

Scheduled for release on 27th April via Riot Factory, “Cult Baby” is a must-watch.


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