Watch Aziya perform “Heaven For Me” live in session

Watch Aziya perform “Heaven For Me” live in session

The song is “a romanticised and fantasised version of a very toxic relationship,” explains Aziya. “It relays the story of someone in love with a person plagued by narcissism and inner demons. I’ve tried to depict the ill fate it brings to the one in love with that person. It’s a fairytale description of a very real scenario that happens in front of us everyday.”

Picking up a guitar at age 10 and beginning to write her own music shortly after, the London born Aziya Aldridge-Moore spent the time since graduating from the BRIT school in 2018 honing her craft, learning to produce and becoming a force to be reckoned with – both vocally and instrumentally – with inspiration from a strong-minded musical heroes including Patti Smith, Tame Impala, and Prince. “A lot of the hunger comes from me wanting to change the norm and make it clear to people that hear my music that it’s mewriting and playing,” she has said. “I want to be the artist that I didn’t get to see growing up.”


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