Bo Milli faces existential angst in “At The Wheel”

Bo Milli faces existential angst in “At The Wheel”

Bo Milli’s debut single “At The Wheel” taps into the sensation of reaching adulthood and feeling powerless, while juggling so many different worries you lose all sense of scale. Though she plays down the song as being “embarrassingly earnest”, the lyrics will resonate with anyone struggling to reconcile their inner demons with the world’s ills.

Despite being early in her career, Bo Milli is already a dextrous lyricist, using songwriting as a tool to make sense of the chaos. Her honest lyrics first came to the fore in 2020, when she collaborated with Lokoy (bassist of Sløtface) on the track “a mistake”. Recording at the time under her birth name Emilie Østebø, she immediately captured people’s attention with a sincere writing style that laid all her cards on the table, carefully dissecting whatever happened to be eating at her conscience.


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