RALPH conjures up pop magic on “Love Potion”

RALPH conjures up pop magic on “Love Potion”

With an undeniable disco diva vibe, “Love Potion” is the perfect sequel to the Dua Lipa mania we’ve all been having. Cher, Donna Summer, and Kate Bush are all women that Canadian pop magician RALPH looks up to – and are exactly who inspired her for her new track “Love Potion”. The single follows on from her previous single “Tommy”, and is taken from her EP Gradience, due out in July.

“I wrote ‘Love Potion’ almost a year ago with my sweet pals David Charles Fischer and Terence Lam (the same team behind ‘Gravity’),” shares Ralph, “I had just watched the movie Midsommer and couldn’t get the imagery out of my head. I kept thinking about this one scene where the cult women create a love potion to woo the male protagonist… and soon I was deep in a google hole of ‘history of love potions’ – they date back to biblical times!”

“I came into the session with that as my lyrical inspiration, and pretty soon we wove a dance-y, bass-soaked story of a woman afraid she’s losing her lover…so she cooks up a brew to remind him just how sweet she is.”


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