LA’s Amelia Moore questions sentimentality on breezy new single “moves”

LA’s Amelia Moore questions sentimentality on breezy new single “moves”

In the middle of a US tour in support of fellow rising alt-pop star FLETCHER, Amelia Moore, and by extension “moves”, has an intoxicating energy and joyous playfulness. She brings a track that could’ve easily slipped through the cracks to a whole new level.

Brought up in a conservative Christian household in Atlanta, Moore first realised her potential as a performer while singing as part of her local church choir. “I grew up listening to pretty much only Christian artists,” Moore recalls of her childhood, “nothing secular was really allowed until I was a little older. I was around 14 when my mom bought Justin Timberlake’s 2020 Experience CD and I listened to it more than she did.”

After a failed attempt to learn the violin, Moore committed to teaching herself piano on a miniature Cassio keyboard and slowly began crafting her own songs. “Looking back now I felt very restricted playing violin,” Moore admits of leaving the strings behind. “It’s such a technical instrument and there’s not really any room to explore creativity. I remember writing a song on violin when I was around 9 or 10 and I played it for my teacher and he didn’t seem to care that much. I think all of the rules were just really boring to me and I wanted to do things my way, and not much has changed!”


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