Enumclaw unpick egotism on roaring new single “2002”

Enumclaw unpick egotism on roaring new single “2002”

Enumclaw – composed of brothers Aramis and Eli and friends Nathan and Ladaniel – was formed months before the debut project, when they bumped into one another in DIY hip-hop clubs across Washington state. Bonding over their shared love of Drake, Nirvana and 90’s R&B and undeterred by their inability to play instruments, the foursome quickly rose to prominence both at home and abroad; their untethered grasp of hard-rock sonics and grunge-infused sonics giving listeners across the world something real to cling to during times of deep uncertainty.

“2002” is Enumclaw’s most personal track to date and offers the perfect introduction to a band unafraid of being the rules of genre in defence of booming choruses and thunderous hysteria. “2002 was inspired by a really mean text and panic,” lead-member Aramis explains of the track. “I think sonically and lyrically it’s a big step up from what people heard on the demo. When we were about to shoot the “Fast N All” video someone called me a narcissist and it made me have a panic attack,” he continues of the song’s inspiration.


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