Khazali puts a refreshing spin on a breakup with “Dance On The Rain”

Khazali puts a refreshing spin on a breakup with “Dance On The Rain”

For an artist with barely half a dozen of releases to his name, Khazali’s sound is confidently honed. Two years on from his debut single “You’ll Be The One”, his sonics have floated through warm synths and R&B beats, through to full-fledged pop grooves; all the while bagging comparisons to Arlo Parks, Sampha, and Blood Orange.

“It feels surreal to be heading down this path and to have had my name in the same sentence as people whose music I really admire,” Khazali tells The Building. “Weirdly enough, I reckon I’m carving out my own path by paying homage to all the music I used to listen to when I was coming of age, stitching my references together in a way that sounds like who I am – giving thanks to the artists that gave me memories I’ll never forget, in sunny parks and on late-night strolls.”

Describing sonics with visual imagery comes naturally to Khazali, far beyond the purpose of music videos. His memories with sounds are a vivid, cognitive experience, snapping into focus via rhythms, lyrics, and textures. “I want to give that to other people, too,” he continues. “That thing where a song reminds you of somewhere or someone. It’s the main reason I’m doing this.”


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