Abbie Ozard confronts romantic insecurity in the candid “TV Kween”

Abbie Ozard confronts romantic insecurity in the candid “TV Kween”

Hailing from Manchester, Abbie Ozard has toured with the likes of Lauran Hibberd and Whenyoung and has been working up a reputation as a writer who perfectly matches dreamy escapism with a surf-rock inspired aesthetic, and the results are absorbing.

With her latest effort entitled “TV Kween”, she deep-dives into the anxieties of modern culture and the constant need to live up to the apparent “success” of others that we are confronted with every day via the screens that we are glued to, as Ozard explains: “It’s a song based around insecurities, and constantly aspiring to be someone other than yourself.”

Despite the apparent insecurities that the single explores, it is far from being a song that brings you down. Instead, Ozard welcomes you inwards into her world, where whirling guitars and her understated vocals invite you to confront our collective anxiety, which in turn has the same effect as someone giving you a massive hug.


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