Award-winning Icelandic popstar Hildur debuts self-actualised anthem “1993”

Award-winning Icelandic popstar Hildur debuts self-actualised anthem “1993”

Latest release “1993” is a laid-back yet nonetheless anthemic track glazed with softly twinkling keys and Hildur’s steadfast, determined vocal. It picks up towards a final chorus, erring on the side of minimalism rather than lunging for any bombastic bells and whistles. It’s obviously a great pop song – but it does make you stop and think: how many terrible pop songs are out there trying to obscure their own inadequacies with overblown production? “1993” stands proud in its simplicity, showing that a well-written melody and narrative needs little else to elevate it to near-perfection.

Despite having netted Pop Song of the Year (for “I’ll Walk With You”) and Newcomer of the Year at 2017’s Icelandic Music Awards and vying to represent Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest, Hildur still has an enduring love for punk, a genre dear to a surprising percentage of the population in her home country. Previously, she’s told us about how the hardcore scene’s “raw expression” has influenced her own music, despite the chasm of difference in genre. “1993” is no exception, tapping into Hildur’s honest reflections on her childhood dreams and the journey towards self-belief. The track ties into her #TrustYourself campaign, which seeks to provide women in the music industry with a positive role model through her own platform.


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