Sharaya Summers promotes forgiveness on vibrant new track “Prodigal”

Sharaya Summers promotes forgiveness on vibrant new track “Prodigal”

“Prodigal” showcases Sharaya Summers continuing to develop her signature sound, highlighting her exceptional songwriting skills as she narrates a tale of a father forgiving his son amidst a series of missteps. Embedded within this country-inspired piece is a valuable lesson akin to a contemporary Aesop’s Fable, illustrating how their bond not only survives the son’s turmoil but emerges stronger.

The essence of the track is deeply intertwined with Summers’ Christian roots, resonating with echoes of her days singing in church, seamlessly blending with a Nashville flair. Transporting listeners to a bygone era, the song exudes promise and embraces a reassuring, vintage-inspired charm.

Reflecting on the song, Summers muses, “I used to hold lofty ideals regarding forgiveness and the limits of redemption. Time has taught me that we all possess the capacity for shortcomings… Choosing to forgive and progress, as opposed to discarding everything, allows us to build a narrative of resilience, instead of constantly seeking fresh starts elsewhere. This song advocates for a more realistic approach to love, shedding excessive expectations. ‘Prodigal’ draws from my Christian background — depicting the tale of a father who welcomes back his wayward son, who squandered everything, only to find increased love upon his return.”


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