London via Texas singer Lizzi reveals understated, soul-filled jam “Longing”

London via Texas singer Lizzi reveals understated, soul-filled jam “Longing”

Listening to “Longing” is reminiscent of walking through an exotic garden in some far-flung place, where every corner reveals something colouful that’s bursting full of life and wondrous, intoxicating energy. You almost feel as though you are spying on Lizzi as she explores the garden with her fingers running through the flowers sinking into a heady lovesick daze, as she sings with an air of nostalgic pain “I keep longing for you”.

Lizzi first found her voice singing in her local gospel choir back in Texas all the way back when she was only ten years old, and you can hear that early influence trickle into the music she creates today. There’s a heavy old soul energy that’s underpinned by jazzy brass interjections and a wave of R&B sensibility that keeps the whole thing feeling fresh and beautifully entrancing.

Speaking on the track, Lizzi explains that “‘Longing’ is about how we can look to others for love and validation but the relationship we have with ourselves is just as important.”

It is ultimately a luscious wandering through dream-like soundscapes via soulful experimentation that leaves you pining for more.


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