Léa Sen contemplates growth in the face of change on “Hyasynth”

Léa Sen contemplates growth in the face of change on “Hyasynth”

Blending elements of alternative synth-pop with delicate vocal delivery, “Hyasynth” showcases Léa Sen as an artist staking her claim as one of the leading alt-pop voices of the 2020s. Her ability to write, produce, mix, and perform her work from scratch gives her the unique ability to dissect every note, beat, and breath that comes with its creation.

With no one blurring her vision, Sen gives herself to the music, and, in “Hyasynth”, comes from it all stronger and wiser. Wholly giving herself to her craft, it’s clear that it’s paying dividends. “People assume that if you’re a woman, you’re just a singer, whereas I do so much more,” she admits, “I’m not going to make myself feel insecure though – I’m going to be comfortable expressing myself however I want.”

“”Hyasynth” is about my journey from my home in Cergy in the outskirts of Paris to London,” Sen explains of the track. “I had to accept all the past mistakes I’ve made back home that I couldn’t go back to. I had to accept and move on. In a way, I ran away from certain things. In another way, I also made the first step into growing into the person I really wanted to be. Sometimes I feel like my past mistakes haunt me, that’s what I felt making this song. It’s about wanting to grow and handle life with more wisdom.”


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