“Honest” sees Congee fondly look upon the power of his family

“Honest” sees Congee fondly look upon the power of his family

Congee’s “Honest” is a touching tribute to his family and the strength he draws from them, set to a soothingly catchy melody. Dominated by a chorus originally written following the loss of his grandpa, it’s a gently poignant song about weathering the hardest times with support from those closest to you. Discussing the song’s influences, Congee comments, “I wrote “Honest” for my nana. I wrote the chorus years ago after my granddad’s passing. I’ve always found it a comforting thought that he’s up there somewhere watching over us.”

“Honest” arrives with a video (shot by Congee himself) that reinforces these ideas of the value of family ties. The video documents Congee’s father going about his daily routine. It’s a simple concept that might appear every day, but when paired with Congee’s introspective sound, the result is full of feeling. We see his father lifting makeshift weights in the garden, spending time with family and putting out the washing, resulting in something tender and sincere.


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