“Change” is a weightless, intimate tale of connectedness from lilo

“Change” is a weightless, intimate tale of connectedness from lilo

Although lilo – the singer-songwriter duo of Christie Gardner and Helen Dixon – are only just releasing their first official single, they’ve been making music together for over a decade in various guises. Having met at the first year of secondary school in their home town of Winchester, they immediately struck up a friendship and forged a close musical bond.

Where it would be easy to overpower the composition, “Change” sounds weightless, suspended in the air in calm contemplation before their voices intertwine in an expertly controlled eruption.

“’Change’ was written in 2020 during lockdown,” say the duo, grateful to have their music as a means to stay in touch. “It was important in allowing us to bridge the physical gap between the two of us; the piano and guitar parts intertwine, facilitating a sense of connectedness during what was generally a very isolating time.”



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