Aby Coulibaly savours time alone in “On My Ones”

Aby Coulibaly savours time alone in “On My Ones”

When it comes to the next wave of R&B, Aby Coulibaly can be found under the spotlight. She first emerged two years ago with her debut single “Taurus” – a breakup ballad tucked between alternate stories of friendship – and instantly set herself a benchmark. “Why you tryna call me? Wasting all my time / You know I’m in my zone / Me and my girls, we gon’ chill and fuck the world / You know we’re not alone,” Aby sings, consoled by her integrity.

Her subsequent singles expanded that poise into a showcase of R&B excellence. Coulibaly takes situations and emotions and bathes them in autographical tension, often arriving at sentiments of self-worth, growth, and clarity. It’s not a far stretch from the observational songwriting of James Blake and Lauryn Hill (who she cites as inspirations), but her sound, too, takes note from the bass-heavy soul of Erykah Badu.


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