Abbie Ozard aligns the stars in the indie-pop of “Pisces”

Abbie Ozard aligns the stars in the indie-pop of “Pisces”

Arriving just in time for the tail end of Pisces season, Abbie Ozard’s latest track is a sparkling bedroom pop concoction with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and dreamy aquatic visuals. Whether or not you subscribe to the idea of cosmic compatibility, she’s here to remind us that when it comes to dating, it’s important to set your own terms.

A lighthearted lo-fi riposte to rubbish suitors, “Pisces” marks a change in direction for the Manchester-based artist whose previous release “Grown” lamented the loss of a close relationship. She has a knack for writing introspectively about heartbreak, growth, and vulnerability, putting a romantic spin on even the melancholiest scenarios. That trademark Piscean empathy and intuition is still present and correct in “Pisces”, but this time she’s using it to throw cold water over failed dating excursions.

“This song was so fun to write!” she reflects. “After releasing songs about yearning, loss, and change, I was set on creating a bad bitch anthem that girls, gays, theys and everyone in between could feel empowered by.”


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