Future Jr is back with sun-kissed dream pop number “Changing”

Future Jr is back with sun-kissed dream pop number “Changing”

The follow up to debut EP Vacancy, “Changing” sees Future Jr soldify his own brand of alluring and meditaive pop music. Immersive musical textures coalesce with Jai Paul-esque vocal treatment to create a sound steeped in modernity, rooted in vintage groove – no mean feat.

Speaking a little more on the release of ‘Changing’, and what the track means to him lyrically, Future Jr. said: “As humanity, we buy into these egregious portrayals of the perfect life on social media. We put our hope in marketing campaigns and embrace the idea that happiness is an idyllic lifestyle that can be purchased. We make success our god. For me this song is a line in the sand, saying to myself, I refuse to buy into that mindset.”


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