CARR channels lazy Y2K vibes via slacker-rock bop “Bed Head”

CARR channels lazy Y2K vibes via slacker-rock bop “Bed Head”

CARR, the moniker of New Jersey-born Carly McClellan, tempers an easy-going outlook with enough disillusioned realism to ground her songwriting, coasting through the peaks and troughs of youth through a blaze of pared-down lo-fi spirit. Taken from upcoming EP TV Boyfriends, McClellan harnesses the antics of teenage skater rock staples such as Blink-182 and Avril Lavigne – a hit of alternative guitar scuzz and feel-good vocals, coupled with lyrics tracking between skittish playfulness and sly innuendo.

An anthem for weekend daydreaming and carefree relationships, CARR solidified her knack for such themes in her debut album, I’m Just Bored, released last year. It’s her Gen Z wit and plain-spoken lyrics that form a refreshing charm – “I’ve been eating ramen / Got nothing in common / But you won’t stop calling.”


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